First/Last trains between Cambridge and London

Never get stranded again with our handy breakdown of the first and last train times for services running between London and Cambridge.

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First/Last trains from London to Cambridge


First trains: dep. 05:44, arr. 06.50 (King’s Cross); dep. 05.10, arr. 06.38 (Liverpool Street)

Last trains: dep. 00:04, arr. 01.25  (King’s Cross); arr. 23.28, dep. 00:51 (Liverpool Street)

(If you miss the last direct train and get really desperate, it’s also possible to take the 4.10am train from Liverpool Street to Stansted Airport and take the train from there to Cambridge. The journey takes about 1 hour 45 mins)


First trains: dep. 05:45, arr. 06.55 (King’s Cross); dep. 05.21, arr. 06.51 (Liverpool Street)

Last trains: dep. 00.15, arr.  01.22 (King’s Cross); dep. 23:58, arr. 01:19 (Liverpool Street)


First trains: dep. 6.38am, arr. 07.48 (King’s Cross); dep. 07.43, arr. 09.19 (Liverpool Street)

Last trains: dep. 12.04am, arr. 01.29 (Kings Cross); dep. 22.43, arr.  00:18 (Liverpool Street)

First/Last trains from Cambridge to London


First trains: dep. 05:14, arr. 06:09 (King’s Cross); dep. 04:48, arr. 06.03 (Liverpool Street).

Last trains:  dep. 23:15, arr. 00:40 (King’s Cross); dep. 22:51, arr. 00:18 (Liverpool Street)


First trains: dep. 05:45, arr. 06:49 (King’s Cross); dep. 04:25, arr. 05:54 (Liverpool Street)

Last trains: dep. 23:15, arr. 00:42 (King’s Cross); dep. 22:51, arr. 00:42 (Liverpool Street)


First trains: dep. 06:28, arr. 07.39 (King’s Cross); dep. 07.32, arr. 08.43 (Liverpool Street)

Last trains: dep. 23.15, arr. 00:40 (King’s Cross); dep. 22:51, arr. 00:22 (Liverpool Street)


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