Martin Kemp: Work in Progress

Jazz saxophonist Martin Kemp will play a sample of his latest work at Hot Numbers Coffee tomorrow, showcasing new experiments in tango, gipsy jazz and early Ellington styles, and will be joined by guest musicians from Cambridge and London.

Kemp began his career in 1960s London, playing alongside Humphrey Lyttelton, Sandy Brown, George Melly and Bruce Turner. In the 1970s, he moved to Cambridge, where he taught jazz to the award-winning Mad Hatters band. Although in the past he has been focussed on swing, Kemp’s more recent work has seen him explore more Latin styles, as well as the link between dance music and jazz.

“I have always been interested in the enormous range of jazz styles, both complex and simple,” says Kemp. “These new influences and many others have contributed great enjoyment to free things up, renew the longstanding relationship between jazz and dance and prevent jazz from becoming formalistic.”

Martin Kemp: Work in Progress, 3pm-5.30pm, Hot Numbers Coffee, Dales Brewery, Gwydir Street (off Mill Road)