Kids only: Amazing Animations at the Cambridge Picturehouse

The London International Animation Festival comes to Cambridge this Saturday with a selection of the world’s most spectacular animated short films.

Funny, thoughtful and visually stunning, the line-up is a genuine treat for kids and their parents. Adults much be accompanied by a child, so kid-free lovers: you’ll have to borrow one!

Films include Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann’s Oscar-winning The Lost Thing, narrated by Tim Minchin, Kate Charter’s charming tale of Hannah and the Moon, and Big Hands, Oh Big Hands by experimental rule-breaker Ray Lei, seen here talking about Chinese culture and how it inspires his work.

As a little taster, here’s The Old Crocodile, a short film by Koji Yamamura, whose short film Your Choice is playing as part of the screening:

London International Animation Festival: Kids Club Special is screening at 11am on Saturday 27th September at the Cambridge Picturehouse. Tickets £3.50, available here.

There will be an additional 10.30am screening exclusively for people on the autism spectrum and their guardians.

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