Things to Do in Cambridge

With its brains, looks and personality, Cambridge is the kind of city that visitors fall in love with whilst other cities mutter jealously behind its back.

Museums and galleries abound, theatre and indie cinema are thriving. whilst the quaint cobbled streets, spectacular architecture and abundance of riverside picnic spots make Cambridge the perfect place for strolling, photographing and drinking in the sunshine.

No visit is complete, of course, without a punting trip. A tour is the perfect way to see the famous university colleges and learn a little of the city’s history, whilst more seasoned punters can rent a boat and take themselves. Be sure to stick to  licensed, established companies like Scudamore’s or Cambridge Chauffeur Punts, however; touts in Market Square (or anywhere suspiciously far from the river) are generally working illegally and quality control is dubious at best.

Whilst the high street has been lambasted for its “clone town” chain restaurants, great places to eat and drink are dotted all over the city and suited to all budgets. Or, stock up on treats from the market and eat al fresco in one of Cambridge’s many parks and open spaces.

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Things to do in Cambridge: a complete guide to Cambridge restaurants, museums, art, cinema, theatre, events and festivals, as well as free things to do in one of the UK's most thriving and beautiful cities.